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Mandoline Attachments and Blades

By Staff

Mandolines are a versatile tool in the kitchen because they provide an easy way to cut, slice and prepare foods. A mandoline is a kitchen gadget that includes a blade or series of blades that slices, grates, juliennes and more. Mandoline styles that include a variety of blades and attachments provide more versatility and offer a greater variety of cuts. In fact, it is the type of mandoline blades and mandoline attachments available for any given kitchen mandoline style that determines the variety of cuts that can be made with the gadget. This article highlights some of the features of mandoline blades and mandoline attachments that are available for different types of mandoline styles.

Mandoline Blades

Just as there are different styles of mandolines (link to mandoline styles article), there are also different types of mandoline blades. Some mandoline blades are permanently affixed to the slicer so that they cannot be varied. In these platform style slicers the mandoline blades remain stationary and the thickness of the cuts is varied by adjusting the platform that holds the food. Although the mandoline blades do not move, a wide variety of cuts, from extremely thin to thick can be made simply by adjusting the distance between the blade platform and the adjustable platform. Some styles also include additional mandoline attachments to make other cuts, such as julienne cuts, waffle cuts and more.

Other styles of mandolines operate by offering a variety of mandoline blades and mandoline attachments that can be interchanged to achieve the desired cuts. In these styles, there are different mandoline blades used depending on whether a thin or thick cut is desired. There is usually a selection of mandoline blades available to offer different thicknesses, although the variety of thicknesses is not as extensive as the stationary blade model that changes the cut thickness by slightly adjusting the food platform. Nevertheless, there are typically enough mandoline blades available for most models to achieve enough variety of cuts to make most chefs happy. In these models, different thicknesses of cuts are achieved by changing the mandoline blades that are attached to the utensil. Each thickness requires a different blade.

In addition to adjusting the thickness of cuts by changing the mandoline blades or adjusting the platform of the slicer, some models of mandolines also offer a selection of mandoline attachments to provide even more versatility to the slicer. Mandoline attachments can offer a cook an easy way to make julienne cuts, waffle cuts and to even grate food. Some styles of slicers even offer mandoline attachments that can puree or shave ice as well, although these attachments are not available on all models. The mandoline attachments operate differently depending on the model of mandoline slicer and the attachments and mandoline blades need to be purchased to directly correspond to the specific mandoline slicer being used so that they work properly with the slicer.

Some brands and models of mandolines offer a wide variety of mandoline attachments, while others offer little to none, so if the ability to vary the sizes and types of cuts you make is important to you then consider that when selecting the model of mandoline that is right for you. In some models a variety of mandoline blades and mandoline attachments are already included so nothing additional needs to be purchased. The material of the mandoline, whether plastic, stainless steel or another material should not affect the selection of mandoline attachments and blades. Oftentimes, price does affect the assortment of mandoline attachments that are available or offered with a particular model.

Mandoline attachments and blades can add a great deal of versatility to a utensil that already makes food preparation a breeze. By allowing chefs to easily julienne, waffle, grate, shave and more, mandoline blades are the perfect solution to achieve attractive garnishes and beautiful food presentation.

Published: October 10, 2009

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