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Mandoline Article Center

The following are mandolines and mandoline related articles.

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Cleaning and Maintenance Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning a Mandoline Slicer -- Regular cleaning of a mandoline slicer is important in order to maintain proper functioning of the utensil. Proper cleaning also ensures that your mandoline slicer is..... (more)

Mandoline Basics Mandoline Basics

A Look at Mandoline Styles -- If you are in the market for a new mandoline, there are a number of different mandoline styles to choose from. Selecting from among the different mandoline styles..... (more)

Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Food Using a Mandoline -- One of the main reasons that most people purchase a mandoline is because it makes the task of food preparation so much easier. Using a mandoline makes it simple to..... (more)

Different Types of Mandoline Cuts -- Mandoline slicers are known for cutting thin slices of vegetables, fruits and other foods with ease.† Most models of mandolines can slice in varying thicknesses by..... (more)

FAQs About Mandoline Slicers -- How do mandoline slicers work? Mandoline slicers are also known as food slicers. They work by having two parallel surfaces so that food can be slid across one..... (more)

How to Use a Kitchen Mandoline -- Using a kitchen mandoline is not very difficult and with just a little practice, most chefs, both professional and non-professional alike, can be slicing and..... (more)

Kitchen Mandolines Make a Great Gift -- Looking for a gift for that someone in your life that loves to spend time in the kitchen (and even those that donít!) and not quite sure what to get them? Get them a..... (more)

Mandoline Attachments and Blades -- Mandolines are a versatile tool in the kitchen because they provide an easy way to cut, slice and prepare foods. A mandoline is a kitchen gadget that includes a blade..... (more)

Mandoline Buying Guide -- So, you’ve decided you want to purchase a mandoline, but you’re not sure which type of mandoline is right for you? There are many different types of..... (more)

Mandoline Parts Overview -- Mandolines are comprised of a number of parts that make the mandoline function properly and provide an assortment of cutting options. The number of mandoline parts vary..... (more)

Mandoline Slicing Tips -- If you have recently purchased a mandoline, or have one that’s been sitting around for years because you’re not sure what to do with it or are a bit..... (more)

What are Mandolines? -- Mandolines are useful tools in the kitchen for those who like to cook and are interested in quality food presentation and easy preparation. Mandolines are slicing..... (more)

Mandoline Recipes Mandoline Recipes

10 Recipes Using a Mandoline -- If you are looking for a few quick and easy mandoline recipes to put your new mandoline to use, here is the place to look! The following mandoline recipes provide some..... (more)

Mandoline Reviews Mandoline Reviews

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Mandoline -- If you have been thinking that you want to buy a mandoline but still aren’t quite sure, then think no more! The decision to buy a mandoline needn’t be a..... (more)

Stainless Steel Mandolines vs. Plastic Mandolines -- When selecting a mandoline, one of the biggest decisions to make is in choosing between stainless steel mandolines and plastic mandolines. Mandolines made of both..... (more)

Mandoline Safety Mandoline Safety

Cut Resistant Safety Gloves Keep Your Hands Safe -- Safety is a top priority when using a mandoline due to the extreme sharpness of the blades. Combine that with the fact that in order to use a mandoline, users must..... (more)

Mandolines and Safety -- One of the most important things to keep in mind when using a mandoline in the kitchen is mandoline safety. As with any other sharp or potentially dangerous objects or..... (more)

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