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FAQs About Mandoline Slicers

By Staff

How do mandoline slicers work?
Mandoline slicers are also known as food slicers. They work by having two parallel surfaces so that food can be slid across one surface to meet up with the other surface which has a blade that sits parallel to the food. The blade is positioned on a stationery surface and the surface that holds the food is adjustable so that cuts of varying thicknesses can be made. Mandoline slicers cut food into uniform slices which aids in more even cooking times and increases the presentational quality of finished dishes. For more info, check out our article on ‘How to Use a Kitchen Mandoline”.

What types of cuts can mandoline slicers make?
Mandoline slicers can slice food into uniform thicknesses and the thickness of the slices is adjustable, based on how far apart the two surfaces of the slicer is set. Many styles of mandoline slicers also create julienne cuts. The julienne cuts are made using a blade that is positioned perpendicular to the main slicing blade so that the uniform slices are then made into strips of equal size. In addition to the primary blade that creates a smooth and straight cut, some mandoline slicers include attachment blades that can be used to create more decorative cuts, such as crinkle or waffle cuts, which add to the aesthetic quality of the food. For more info, check out our article on “The Different Cuts of a Mandoline Slicer”.

What types of food do mandoline slicers cut?
Mandoline slicers can cut through just about any type of food that can be placed on the platform of the slicer, but most are primarily used to cut fruits and vegetables into uniform sizes. Mandoline slicers are the perfect tool to use when cutting foods that are going to be stir-fried, fried or cooked in just about any way because they create similarly sized pieces that cook evenly. Another popular use is to cut up fruit, vegetables and hard cheeses for fresh arrangements and salads. The perfectly cut food, or those made using a more decorative blade, create a beautiful presentation of the food. For more info, check out our article on “Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Food Using a Mandoline”.

What is the best method of cleaning mandoline slicers?
Mandoline slicers should be cleaned immediately following each use. This makes it easier to remove all food, before it adheres more permanently to the parts of the slicer. Mandoline slicers can be taken apart so that the blades and platforms can be washed independently. It is best to clean mandolin slicers by hand, although great care must be taken when handling the blades, since they are extremely sharp. Some models may be dishwasher safe, but it is best to read the manufacturer’s directions before placing mandoline slicers in the dishwasher. Models that are made of steel, rather than plastic, may require a bit of oil on them to keep the slicer operating at peak performance. For more info, check out our article on “Cleaning a Mandoline Slicer”.

What safety precautions should be taken when using mandoline slicers?
Mandoline slicers are relatively safe kitchen utensils when used properly. They do, however, contain extremely sharp blades so it is important to use proper safety precautions when operating these hand powered devices. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s directions for use and do not place fingers or other body parts anywhere near the blades when cutting. You should not operate mandoline slicers when you are distracted, under the influence, or are on a surface that is not secure and level. Children should not operate mandoline slicers due to the inherent risk of injury that any utensil with a sharp blade may have. When cleaning the slicers, it is important to take great care when handling all blades or resassembling the unit. It is also a good idea to wear a cut resistant glove when operating a mandoline slicer (link to cut resistant glove article). With a little bit of common safety sense, mandoline slicers are as safe to use as any knife or other kitchen blade. For more info, check out our article “Mandolines and Safety”.

Published: October 9, 2009

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