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Mandoline Parts Overview

By Staff

Mandolines are comprised of a number of parts that make the mandoline function properly and provide an assortment of cutting options. The number of mandoline parts vary by model since some models are mostly one piece, or more than one piece that donít come apart, and these models have few parts.

Mandoline Parts

Other models that have interchangeable blades and accessories, by default have a larger inventory of mandoline parts.  One benefit to a model that has multiple mandoline parts is that if you need to replace something, you can simple replace only the parts you need, without having to replace the entire mandoline.  Most manufacturers offer replacement mandoline parts for just that purpose, so if you need to replace something you can contact the manufacturer directly.
Below is a listing of some types of mandoline parts so you can familiarize yourself with what they are and what they do.  Depending on the model of mandoline you are using, all of these parts may not be applicable.

Main plate, platform or carriage – This is the portion of the mandoline that the food is slid across prior to coming in contact with the blade.

Main cutting plate or cutting blade – The primary blade in the mandoline used to make straight cuts.  This is one of the most likely mandoline parts that may need to be replaced due to frequency of use.  In some models, there are multiple main cutting plates or blades that can be interchanged, depending on the desired thickness.

Fluted cutting plate or blade – This blade makes fluted or crinkle cuts.

Waffle cutting blade – This blade makes waffle-like cuts, such as for fries.

Grating or shaving blades – Some models have accessories that allow for grating or shaving as well.

Julienne cutting blades – These blades are set up with blades that are perpendicular to the main cutting blade to slice food into thin julienne strips.   There may be different thicknesses of julienne cuts available.

Folding stand – This holds the mandoline in place on a table, counter or other surface so that it can be used properly.  Not all mandolines contain a folding stand, but for those that do, it is one of the mandoline parts that are more likely than others to need replacing, since it is constantly folded and unfolded.

Safety guard or hand guard – This holder protects fingers and hands from being injured while operating the mandoline and guides the food across the main plate towards the cutting blade.  This is one of the most important mandoline parts related to safety.

Safety guard stops – Another of the important mandoline parts related to safety.  This keeps operators of the instrument safe.

Screws, nuts, hinges, levers and handles – Depending on the model, there may be a number of small mandoline parts, such as screws, nuts, hinges, levers and handles that keep the unit functioning properly and allow blades to be easily interchanged.

Not all styles will contain all of these mandoline parts and the names of mandoline parts may vary slightly from model to model (ie., one may call the main section of the slicer a platform, carriage or plate).  Some mandolines come fully assembled in the box and others come with a selection of mandoline parts and instructions for how to properly assemble the utensil.  Be sure that prior to operating a mandoline, all mandoline parts are assembled correctly and tightly to ensure proper use and avoid to injury.

Published: October 9, 2009

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