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Cut Resistant Safety Gloves Keep Your Hands Safe

By Staff

Safety is a top priority when using a mandoline due to the extreme sharpness of the blades. Combine that with the fact that in order to use a mandoline, users must push food, along with their hand, towards that blade. Using the safety guard or hand guard that accompanies most models of mandoline slicers is crucial for keeping fingers and body parts away from the blade, but for those that want extra protection, there’s nothing like a cut resistant glove or any type of safety gloves. A cut resistant glove does just what its name indicates – it resists cuts. You can never be too safe when operating a potentially dangerous apparatus, so using safety gloves is an added measure to ensure that the only thing being cut by the mandoline’s blade is your dinner.

Cut Resistant Safety Gloves

Cut resistant gloves or other types of safety gloves are constructed from materials that can resist cuts so that in case your hands wind up getting too close to the blade, they are still protected. Of course, just wearing safety gloves is not a license to be careless about how close your hands get to the blade, since a cut resistant glove will only resist cuts but cannot avoid them altogether. But wearing a cut resistant glove can provide additional protection and is especially recommended for those that utilize mandolines often or operate them quickly. In some food service establishments, it is a requirement that an operator wear a cut resistant glove when using machinery like a mandoline or using knives. Other times, chefs choose to wear safety gloves on their own because they subscribe to the “better safe than sorry” mantra.

Some cut resistant gloves are made from a mesh made from steel to protect hands from being cut. Other cut resistant gloves are made from a thin fabric that is deceivingly protective although it just looks like a regular glove. There are advanced materials incorporated into the fabric that protect hands from inadvertent cuts by sharp objects. There are also safety gloves that are made from Kevlar, heavy cotton or rubber, and other materials as well.

Choosing a cut resistant glove is really a matter of preference and comfort. Some safety gloves are lightweight and others are a bit more cumbersome to wear, such as some of the mesh steel models. If it’s important for you to have full dexterity in your hand, as well as sensitivity, you may want to consider one of the more lightweight safety gloves made from advanced fabrics. While these gloves are a bit pricey, they can be worn over and over and are machine washable. Some brands even include anti-microbial agents within the cut resistant glove to protect you from more than just cuts.

Not every cut resistant glove is made equal, and they all don’t provide the same level of safety or comfort. When purchasing a cut resistant glove, be sure to see how it feels and inquire as to its level of cut resistance. If it’s cumbersome to wear and uncomfortable it won’t do much to protect you if you can’t easily maneuver your hand. Whatever type of safety gloves you choose, make sure that you don’t let wearing a cut resistant glove be a substitute for extreme care when you use a mandoline slicer.

Most injuries that occur when using a mandoline can easily be avoided by paying close attention to what you’re doing, not being distracted and not rushing. Wearing a cut resistant glove is just like a little extra insurance policy so that your fingers will stay safe!

Published: October 11, 2009

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