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Different Types of Mandoline Cuts

By Staff

Mandoline slicers are known for cutting thin slices of vegetables, fruits and other foods with ease.  Most models of mandolines can slice in varying thicknesses by adjusting the platform on which the food rests or replacing the blade depending on whether thin or thick slices are desired.  Some models and styles of mandolines, however, can offer a wider variety of mandoline cuts, in addition to traditional slicing.  Which types of mandoline cuts are available to you is dependent on the style of slicer you own.  Some types of mandolines only offer one specific type of cut.

Types of Mandoline Cuts

The advent of different type of blades has increased the amount of mandoline cuts that can be made from a single slicer.  By offering a selection of mandoline cuts from one slicing device, the mandoline has become a versatile tool for providing professional looking food presentation with minimal effort.

Here is a description of the different types of mandoline cuts that various models of slicers can make.  The types of mandoline cuts available for any particular model depend on the blades and attachments that either come with the mandoline slicer or are available for purchase to accompany the slicer.

Types of Mandoline Cuts:

Slice – This is by far the most basic of mandoline cuts – and the most popular.  Mandolines can slice in a variety of thicknesses.  The thickness of the slice is determined in some models by adjusting the platform that the food rests on and in others by the blade that is inserted in the mandoline slicer.  Most mandoline cuts made by any slicer are traditional slices, with straight edges.

Crinkle – Crinkle cuts are another of the popular mandoline cuts.  Crinkle cuts make small v-shaped ridges up and down the sides of the cut food.  The most popular food to cut using a crinkle cut blade are potatoes for crinkle cut fries, but other vegetables can also be made into crinkle cuts.  In order for the crinkle cut blade to work well, these mandoline cuts require a very firm vegetable with a straight edge and one that is large enough to handle the whole crinkle cut.

Waffle – Similar to the crinkle cut, waffle cuts are a fun addition to the realm of mandoline cuts available from some models of mandolines.  Waffle cuts are also primarily used with potatoes to make waffle cut fries but can also be used on other firm vegetables to add interest to the presentation of meals.

Julienne –Another of the more decorative mandoline cuts available on some slicers is the julienne cut.  Julienne cut foods are cut into strips and the thickness of the julienne strip can be adjusted on some models of mandolines.  Most julienne cuts are fairly thin, but not as paper thin as many straight edge slices can be.  Julienne cuts make vegetables for salads look professionally made and attractive and are also great to use in stir-fry dishes and other cooked recipes where quick and even cooking is desired.

Matchstick – Matchsticks are another of the decorative mandoline cuts now available.  Matchstick cuts are similar to julienne cuts, although they are thinner and shorter than julienne cuts, resembling the look of a matchstick.  One popular use for matchstick mandoline cuts is in the preparation of cole slaw.

As you can see, there are a variety of mandoline cuts available to make slicing and dicing simple and the results attractive.  Not all models of slicers offer all of these mandoline cuts, but many of the newer models offer a variety of cuts to choose from.  Using a mandoline can make your meal preparation look like a professional chef stepped into your kitchen, and all it takes is the change of a blade!

Published: October 9, 2009

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