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Mandoline Slicing Tips

By Staff

If you have recently purchased a mandoline, or have one that’s been sitting around for years because you’re not sure what to do with it or are a bit intimidated by how to use it, then all you need to get yourself using this versatile tool are a few mandoline slicing tips. Once you know the best way to utilize a mandoline, you’ll soon realize the ease at which you can operate the utensil and the speed at which mandoline slicing can get you out of the kitchen, compared to slicing using a standard kitchen knife.

Mandoline Slicing Tips

The following mandoline slicing tips are the key to not only slicing food with ease, but staying safe during the mandoline slicing process as well. You will find that once you get the hang of mandoline slicing, you will wonder what you ever did without this convenient kitchen tool!

5 Mandoline Slicing Tips:

Always use the hand guard when slicing. Almost all mandoline slicers come with some type of hand guard or guiding tool that should be used to hold food when mandoline slicing. This is an important safety feature so that when you are pushing a piece of food along the mandoline platform towards the blade, it is not your hand or your fingers that can potentially come in contact with the extremely sharp blade while you are slicing. Of all the mandoline slicing tips, this is absolutely the most important one to follow because it ensures that you remain safe while using this tool. Wearing cut resistant gloves is an added security precaution if you’re concerned about slicing your fingers. When used properly, however, mandoline slicing is no more dangerous than wielding a sharp knife in the kitchen and just takes some common sense to stay safe.

Change the pressure. If you find that you’re having difficulty when slicing particular types of food, then change the pressure that you’re exerting on the food while mandoline slicing to see if it makes it easier. Very hard foods will require that you exert more pressure on them during the slicing process than softer foods. If you exert too much or too little pressure on a food while pushing it along the mandoline slicing platform, you will find that it is more difficult to cut.

Lubricate the slicing platform. If you are cutting foods that are rather dry and find that they seem to almost stick to the mandoline slicing platform, then lubricate the platform by adding a bit of water to it. Some foods will slide easier than others and the ones that have more difficulty sliding usually just need a drop of moisture to keep them moving smoothly along the mandoline slicing platform. Problems with food not sliding easily occur more often with plastic mandolines than stainless steel models, but the problem is very easily rectified. If you prefer, a drop of vegetable oil will help foods slide with ease.

Maintain a consistent motion. When slicing food on a mandoline, the thickness of the cuts depends partly on how far apart the food is from the blade when it hits it. By maintaining consistent pressure as you move food along the mandoline slicing platform and keeping the same motion from one cut to another, you will find it easy to cut uniform pieces of food. By keeping pressure constant, you will also avoid having food get “stuck” or caught up along the mandoline slicing platform as you move it down towards the blade.

Realize that different foods may require a slightly different technique. Since the shape, size and consistency of foods is different, it makes sense that they would require a slightly different approach when mandoline slicing. The technique is basically the same for all foods, but it is important to keep in mind that if a food is too large or has an uneven edge, it is best to cut it into more manageable pieces and start with a straight cut edge. And as with tip #2, you may find that you need to vary the pressure slightly as you move food along the mandoline slicing platform depending on the consistency and heaviness of the food.

By following a few of these mandoline slicing tips, you will soon be on your way to using this versatile tool with ease, while maintaining the utmost in safety.

Published: October 9, 2009

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